A Professional Law Corporation

Sound Legal Advice for Your Business or Real Estate Needs

Turn to the law firm of Jones-Lachance for results-driven legal advice and counseling. Located in Brea, California, our firm practices business and real estate law. We provide consulting services to companies' legal departments and assist with litigation. Request a consultation today to take advantage of our legal expertise.

Outsourced Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Services

An outsourced CLO can represent a substantial savings for a business. Services include but are not limited to: overseeing/managing/auditing in-house legal departments; critique of legal department or outside counsel budget review, including review of invoices and monitoring of billing practices from outside law firms; negotiating with outside law firms in order to obtain better fees (whether flat fees, quasi-flat fees, fee caps etc.). The  outsourced CLO also works directly with the company's senior management team (i.e. independent of the General Counsel), on highly confidential and/or private matters including assisting stockholders who are High Net Worth (HNW) individuals with their estate planning needs, nationally and internationally.

Outsourced CLO services are offered on a quasi-flat fee monthly retainer.

Working Attorney

Risk Management Consultation Services

Risk Management consists of identifying, assessing, and controlling threats to capital and earnings originating from legal liabilities, whatever the source. Our Risk Management services include an audit of your advertising and management practices; business to business agreements (e.g. contracts, nondisclosure agreements); intellectual property portfolios (e.g. patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secret protections); Human Resources practices; with emphasis on any actual or threatened claims/litigation.

Where any actual or threatened chains/litigation exists, we will render opinions regarding merits of claims/defenses as well as the potential settlement opportunities. Please contact us to set up a convenient time to discuss our Risk Management Consultation Services.

Litigation and Trial Counsel Services

With our extensive trial and courtroom experience, our firm is well poised to either prosecute your claim/case in Court or defend any claim/case in court. Many of the clients we represent are in real estate, including property management companies. We often represent landlords in landlord-tenant disputes and help resolve those issues. Although we are not eviction attorneys, we offer supervision of eviction counsel.  Additionally, we offer landlords counsel in such cases where jury trials can sometimes send a landlord into bankruptcy. Our principal Kevin B. Jones has offered such consultation on thousands of evictions, over the last decade. Mr. Jones has also been trained as an Unlawful Detainer (i.e. eviction) Judge in the San Bernardino Superior Court. 

If you're in a legal or business dispute, meet with us for a consultation as soon as possible.  Delays in obtaining competent legal advice and/or filing or defending a lawsuit may result in substantial detriment.