A Professional Law Corporation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our services and provide the answers here. However, if you need additional information please send an email through our Contact page.  We will be happy to respond to your email promptly, generally within two hours.  If there is any delay, or if your question is urgent, please call us at (949) 396-2222, anytime.  If the office is closed, our voicemail system will send your voicemail through our monitored email portal. Please understand that we cannot and will not render legal advice to a non-client.  This means that you will need to retain our services (which can be done on-line through our portal), before legal advice will be provided. We look forward to working with you and servicing your legal needs.


What is the procedure for retaining Jones-Lachance as our outsourced Chief Legal Officer?

Our office is user friendly and not the typical stuffy environment.  We will gladly meet you at your place of business or you are welcome to meet with us at our beautiful Brea office.  The meeting will last an hour and will result in an evaluation of our services being a benefit for your particular business concerns.  If we agree to move forward, our CLO services will require approval by your Board of Directors.


What type of fee arrangement is possible for CLO services?

Fees for CLO services are custom tailored for each client.  Options typically include hourly rate option, a flat fee option, a quasi-flat fee option, and a fee ceiling option. Jones-Lachance is open to dialogue with its clients to create a win-win legal platform. The firm offers discounts based upon terms of service, as well.  For instance, if the firm is retained on a twelve (12) month term.


What other types of services does Jones-Lachance offer?

Jones-Lachance is a full service law firm offering a variety of services to its business and real estate clients. It is not necessary to retain the firm as your CLO to benefit from project specific services, e.g. lawsuit evaluation or defense.


Does Jones-Lachance offer Estate Planning services?

Yes, the firm offers Estate Planning services for its clients including, Wills, Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, and Foreign Trusts (whether domestic or international). We have exposure to various Trustee services in foreign jurisdictions and will custom tailor for your particular needs, including those of high net worth individuals.


If I only want specific services from Jones-Lachance and not the CLO package, is that possible?

Yes, Jones-Lachance is a full service law firm and will assist you where and how necessary.  For instance, if you wanted us to negotiate a fee structure with an outside law firm, supervise an outside law firm, defend a case, or assist you with starting your own in-house legal department, we would be pleased to assist.  Please contact us with your particular situation.